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    One of the best accessories a woman can have is a I Am Ambitious Stylus Purse Pal! Shades of Color’s purse pals are colorful, sassy, and classy. Unlike many flimsy purse pals, ours are very durable, lightweight, and economy friendly. Upgrade your writing without breaking your budget. Stay blessed with our purse pal all while going about your day! Our I Am Ambitious Stylus Purse Pal is one of our specialties, and we take pride in making writing notes more pleasurable.  .

    For personal or office use, jot down your thoughts with soulful style! I Am Ambitious Stylus Purse Pal Featuring art by Sylvia “Gaby” Cohen, is note pad with 100 tear-off sheets.  Enclosed with a purse style case, it comes with a stylus ballpoint pen.  Features a magnetic closure and an expandable inner pocket.

    Purse Style Case • Magnetic Closure • Size: 2.8 X 3.7 • 100 Tear Off Sheets. Expandable Inner Pocket • 2 In 1 Stylus Ballpoint Pen. Each design is for you! Our purse pals also have amazing phrases that will DEFINITELY uplift and inspire you from day to day.