World-Class African American Art and Products



  I’m Peachez.  I started off buying unfinished magnets and figurines, painting them and giving them to family and friends as gifts. When they started showing my work, people began calling to request I paint something for them too.  Because painting was a hobby I was really humbled someone would like my work so much, they’d actually want something I’d done! Well, that’s how I got started. I eventually bought my own molds, a kiln and started selling unfinished and finished magnets and figurines.

           Well, here comes the framing – I looked at the walls surrounding me. Yes, I had art on the walls but all the frames looked the same. Because each piece of art told its own story, it needed to be shown through the framing too – in other words - I needed it to flow. I began experimenting with my own art work, and as God would have it, others saw my new found hobby and asked that I re-frame their art work as well.I saw a need and was inspired to sell and frame Black Art.  I wanted to sell art that will be uplifting and had meaning to people’s lives on a personal level, and as a Long Beach native, it was only right that I proudly serve my community.

My vision was, and still is, to educate and grow interests in African American History, Art, Education and Culture as it relates to African Americans.   Black Art is a way to educate, influence and advance the knowledge of African Americans, past and future.